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Educational Consultancy

Apoio na Candidatura a Universidades no Reino Unido

Para estudantes que pretendam ingressar numa Universidade no Reino Unido, oferecemos aconselhamento profissional e assistência na candidatura a universidades britânicas. O nosso parceiro em Londres trabalha com especialistas em Ensino Superior de forma a fornecer aos estudantes uma consultoria profissional de excelência representando mais de 100 universidades do Reino Unido como a Queen Mary University of London, University of Bath, University of Leeds, Oxford Brooks University, University of Manchester e outras. Este apoio decorre em Londres.

Work in Portugal for Foreigners

Most Portuguese businesses are trading in several markets across the world, namely the textile, footwear and the services’ industry. These companies are in dire need of English nationals in order to help them with their internationalization processes and they offer the possibility of combining a true work experience with the time needed to Explore Portugal and all its attractions. Contact us if you are eager to kickstart or boost your career in Portugal.

Exam Proctoring Services

Edu4WORD offers Universities and Professional Bodies around the world with the possibility of applying their exams to long-distance learners while still enforcing the institutions’ rules and regulations, ensuring a proper environment for students to take their exams and sending them back to the University in a safe and reliable manner. Contact us if you need Edu4WORD to host your exams in Portugal.